chocolate for the soul

Chocolate For The Soul

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Written by, Christine Chanel

2020 has been quite the year of uncertainty. We’ve still got a lot of time left. While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to hold us in its grip, this new way of life has a lot of us feeling down or even downright hopeless due to the many factors at stake. Chocolate for the soul may be exactly what you need.

In a time where forced inactivity is completely unavoidable, it can be a struggle to find positivity in these trying times. Whether it be from the cabin fever, facing challenging financial issues, or simply just feeling the stressful tension in your local grocery store — the prevalence of depression, anxiety, and insomnia are at an all-time high.

The stressors of the health risk that the pandemic presents while combined with social isolation, inability to access normal daily activities, or even facing that dreaded conversation with the kids about how vacation has been canceled has put all of us on edge — these issues may be especially challenging for those who already experience mental health conditions.

Stress can surface in many different forms both physically and mentally.

  • Changes in sleep or eating patterns.
  • Difficulty concentrating.
  • Feelings of being overwhelmed by events or social situations.
  • Negative visions.
  • Feelings of sadness, anger, instability, etc.
  • Increased use of substances.
  • Headaches, neck tension, aches, and pains, etc.
  • Lower energy.

This list goes on and on and, while none of this feels normal — these feelings are completely justified. Fear and anxiety wreaking havoc about a new disease are of course going to be overwhelming. Pandemics ARE stressful. Pandemics are NOT a normal life experience.

We are first hand witnessing a major historic event. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

My Chocolate Soul

In these uneasy times, if one thing is important; it’s taking the appropriate steps to love yourself.

Give yourself some love when your body needs it.

Pause and take a deep breath. Safely immerse yourself in nature. Reach out to loved ones. Take a break from social media — Lose yourself in a moment of bliss.

A review published in the May 2017 edition of Frontiers in Nutrition analyzed the evidence that flavanols, found in dark chocolate and cocoa may be beneficial to mental health.

Flavanols are part of a distinct sub-group amongst flavonoids. They are typically in foods such as apples, grapes, red wine, and cocoa and when we consume them they are thought to be a helpful antioxidant that can help with our blood pressure, skin, and over-all well being if consumed in proper moderation.

Cacao flavanols may help our brains in various ways — improving blood flow and improving insulin sensitivity to the brain. Chocolate contains a number of psychoactive ingredients that produce those feelings of glee that we all know and love. This delicious food also contains Phenylethylamine, a neuromodulator that is believed to play a role in enhancing people’s moods and thoughts.

The bottom line is that dark chocolate does reign supreme with a higher concentration of flavonoids —Most chocolate is chocolate for the soul.

RED Chocolate

Although, popular store-bought chocolate brands are high in sugar content, fats, and processed chemicals which is likely going to do more damage than good causing you to feel sluggish or regretful. If only there could be a way to enjoy the healing properties of chocolate — guiltlessly. Meet RED! We’re crafted with no added sugar and half the calories of other leading brands without losing the quality of taste. When you need a moment to escape it all, take a break, take a bite and smile. We’re all in this together. Even the tiniest moment of chocolate bliss could make a difference in your day.

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