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A List Of Blog Sites We Love

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Written by, Christine Chanel

As the summer months continue to grow—so does the RED community. Thank you to everyone who has followed our Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram! We adore riding alongside you on this delicious journey! 🥰 Let’s look at some sites we love to follow.

But, we’re here today to acknowledge the unsung heroes of the internet—the bloggers.
We’ve been noticing lots of love coming our way lately, from honest reviews to inspiring chocolate recipes, so we’ve decided to do what we do best and share them with you! Here’s a list of sites we love.

Here are a few of our favorite reads 

Chi@Glance features everything you need to know about Chicago.
Tavi J. writes about anything from local fine dining to her favorite recipes. Here is what she had to say about RED. is the wealth of knowledge you’ve been searching for. From in-depth reviews to her self proclaimed “ramblings” — Kimberly has got it all. She thoroughly enjoyed her time with RED, you can check it out here.

Michigan Mama News is the place to go for daily happenings for Michigan families. They offer a boatload of family-friendly insight as well as some need-to-know product reviews.  Here’s what they had to say about guiltless chocolate.

Girl Gone Mom features lifestyle content and easy recipes for parents. They share everything from tips to product reviews. RED made it on to their list of Summer Friday Finds.

Spoon University is a giant melting pot full of recipes, lifestyle content & other knowledgeable think-pieces. They know all about what it means to be a true chocoholic—as presented here.

Keep the sites we love coming! There is nothing more refreshing than being apart of a community of people who share the same hobbies: chocolate. What can be better than talking aobut food? see you next time — over and out✌🏼

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