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Eat Better, Eat Together, Add Chocolate

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Written by, Dara Wilson



What is the best thing to keep a bright, warm spirit throughout the house with the people you love? Food, the answer is always food. Along with October being National Dessert Month, it is also “Eat Better, Eat Together” Month. We’re feeling festive and we always try to spread the love, so let’s learn how to eat better, eat together with chocolate.

Now that kids are back in school, rather online at home or back in the classroom, spending time together may not be as frequent. Eating with the family is a great way to come together as a unit at the end of the day. In fact, countless studies have shown profound benefits to children of families who eat dinner together rather than separate.

Sharing food is a term of endearment that brings lasting memories—and eating of course. Add a touch of guiltless sweet to your menu. After a meal, share a delectable and healthy dessert such as avocado chocolate mousse. Sweet, healthy treats together create moments worth cherishing and give your kids a brainpower boost for homework and studying.

Consequently, a lot of parents work long or odd hours. Finding healthy meals can sometimes be a chore. Moreover, not every family has the opportunity to eat dinner together. Many of us have to work hard to prioritize family time.


Family Time (insert chocolate for extra fun)

What has your family done together lately?

Get a piece of paper and make a list right now of possible (new or different) outings for the next month or two. Research proves that family time strengthens communication, self-esteem, positive behaviors, and more, for both children and adults.

Did you think of any? Well, we got you covered in case you’re stuck.

  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Beach days
  • Museums
  • Pumpkin or apple picking
  • Hayrides
  • Drive-in movie
  • Taking a drive

Would you rather spend time at home? There are a number of fun and forgotten activities perfect for families.

  • Watching a movie
  • Putting together a puzzle or a crossword
  • Board games
  • Painting, drawing, or coloring
  • Star watching


Eat Better, Eat Together with RED Chocolate

REDiscover your family fall moments. Maybe your sweet family moments are every day or perhaps they’re few and far between. Whatever the occasion, healthy food options are always a perfect pairing.

Eat better, eat together—add chocolate.

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