COVID safe Halloween with no sugar added chocolate

Halloween Safety in a COVID World

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Written By, Dara Wilson



Halloween is a timeless, American tradition. This year, things will be quite different as many parents will be cautious to take their children trick-or-treating. Obviously, our biggest hurdle is staying healthy. Although, for our kids who have daydreamed all year about their costumes for Halloween, to them, the biggest concern is how to make a mask work on this special night of make-believe. Learn the best tips for Halloween safety in a COVID world, whether you stay at home or venture outside.

Here are a few tips for this new age of Halloweening.

  • Wear a costume where your cloth mask is the highlight of the outfit. Add jewels, glitter, or other things to make it stand out, fun to look at, but wear one that will protect you. Remember, costume masks do not protect against viruses.
  • Limit your social interaction this year. Keep your distance from others. Carry hand sanitizer in your pocket or somewhere else close by in case you need it.
  • Avoid going into anyone’s home. Only go to houses that are handing out candy outside.
  • Remember, always hand out candy with a covered, sealed wrapper. You can almost guarantee your candy will be thrown away if it is not sealed.

Being able to celebrate amongst friends is what Halloween is all about. We all know this year will be much different. If you’re not comfortable going out, stay in, and make some delicious Halloween treats like chocolate dipped apples. (Did you know that October is also National Dessert Month?)

Stay safe, no matter what you choose. Take a look at the CDC’s advice or other credible sources for guidelines to have a fun, spooky, and healthy Halloween. Plan the perfect activities for your comfort level and Halloween safety in a COVID world.

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