National Dessert Month: Celebrate with RED

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Written by, Dara Wilson

If the crisp weather isn’t enough for you—October is National Dessert Month! You didn’t think we’d forget to remind you, right? Let us honor the joy that dessert brings to the world and our bellies. REDiscover classic sweet treats. Substitute RED instead of other leading chocolate brands to leave behind the refined sugars and unwanted calories—all while respecting your tastebuds.

• RED dipped fruit

Have you just gone apple picking? Put those apples to work! Coat sliced apples in melted RED chocolate, add your choice of milk for a creamier chocolate texture. Pair the fruit of the season with the treat for every reason! But, you don’t have to stop the celebration with apples alone….bananas, strawberries, pineapple, nuts, the list goes on! All while cutting 50% fewer calories with your choice of chocolate.

• RED cookies or granola

Add some sweetness to your baking experience by crushing up RED dark chocolate instead of chocolate chips for cookies—Indulge! Break up any flavor of RED to your handful pick-me-up granola for a sweeter kick without the guilt. Every bite will be loaded with bittersweetness and no added refined sugar.

• RED ganache

As the holidays approach you may be preparing your ganache skills. Ganache can create various decadent fillings, toppings, and sauces but we all know that the cream is already fattening enough. Make velvety ganache with up to 40% less fat using equal parts RED chocolate and heavy cream.

Crush up RED chocolate of your choice in a saucepan on medium heat. Heat cream in a separate saucepan until it simmers (not boiling). Pour cream over chocolate. Stir until the mixture is a rich chocolate sauce.

• RED grab-n-go bars

The holidays can be hectic—Don’t have the time to whip up a dessert but still want to get the party started? Distribute RED Grab-N-Go Bars! Whether they’re on a party tray or as a stocking stuffer (we’re already thinking ahead!).

• RED avocado chocolate mousse

Have you heard about one of our newest, most delicious fall recipes?  RED avocado chocolate mousse is calling your name—what are you waiting for?

Celebrate National Dessert Month with the chocolate that looks out for your health and tastebuds at the same time. Revel with RED, always.

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