5 Key Benefits of Reducing Sugar Intake

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Written By, Dara Wilson

Everyone with a sweet-tooth knows deep down inside that reducing sugar intake is a big way to avoid certain health issues, lose weight, and overall feel better. However, taking the first step is always the hardest. After all, sugar is delicious! It’s that moment of sweetness we all look forward too rather it be the holiday season, a family celebration, or a random Tuesday night.

There are 5 crucial benefits to reducing your daily sugar consumption—from weight loss to desirable skin. RED is here to lend you a craving helping hand.



1. Weight loss


Is it hard for you to stop at a single candy or soda? Don’t worry. You’re not alone.

The bad news? Food and beverages with high sugar content actually make your body crave more sugar.
An ideal way to start cutting out large amounts of sugar is to switch out refined cane sugar with healthy substitute replacements.

Clinical studies have been done on the consumption of sugar substitutes and as a result, it was proven that substitutes were able to help people maintain their weight. Some studies even resulted in the participants losing weight.

Many of us struggle with a lack of self-control in regards to sugar-loaded substances—it’s wired into our brains. Therefore, eating and drinking healthy sugar substitutes like erythritol (melon sugar) and stevia (plant-based) can easily help us still enjoy delicious foods. Using these two substitutes allows RED products to ensure the rich, deep flavor chocolate is meant to have.


2. Save your Body from Liver Damage and Heart Disease


Reducing your sugar intake will assist in lowering your bad cholesterol consumption.

By having a low level of bad (LDL) cholesterol, you could save yourself from clogged arteries. It’s easy science—a healthy body can rule out heart disease. Sugar may also lead to copious amounts of glucose and fructose which will lead to higher levels of LDL cholesterol. Remember, everything is harmless in moderation. When having a craving moment…find yourself snacking on a perfectly portioned RED Grab-n-Go bar. You’ll thank us later.

RED chocolate is a perfect example of Rule #4. Comparing food labels to find one that has the least added sugar.


3. Avoid Type 2 Diabetes


Everyone has a limit, right? If you don’t set limits with sugar intake, this could potentially lead to a strong possibility of developing Diabetes.
Obesity, heart disease, diabetes are one bad family. In other words, when you have one condition…the others may follow.

Many diabetics have to force themselves to cut out sugar cold turkey—when someone can’t indulge in the things that make them happy it is possible to feel hopeless. Chocolate should be accessible to all! RED focuses on making decadent chocolate with no added sugar and reduced fat to appeal to almost every dietary need.

Take a taste for yourself. REDiscover.


4. More Energy and Improved Brain Function


Chocolate, but especially dark chocolate, has been proven to be effective in increased brain function as well as un-caffeinated energy. Dark chocolate has the ability to increase blood flow which is the key to proper brain function.

Bite off a piece of high-quality dark chocolate before a big project. Keep a stash in your purse or car. You’ll never know when you’ll be craving that extra midday pick-me-up but first—it’s important to find chocolate that’s not packed with loads of added sugar.

Comparing food labels will allow you to make healthier choices of what is necessary to put in your body. Sadly, not all chocolates are created equal.

Looking at the nutrition label can help you find a product with the lowest amount of added sugar or calories. Luckily for you—RED chocolate has no added sugar. Take a bite out of RED dark to get your brain waves flowing.


5. Clearer Skin


We’ve all heard it before—foods high in unhealthy fats, oil, and sugar can induce acne. It’s true. Sugar is known to cause unwanted inflammation in the body and skin. When you reduce your sugar intake, you reduce inflammation.

Acne, for example, is inflammation of the skin. By reducing your sugar consumption, you may be able to encourage those pesky blemishes to go away once and for all. Of course, simply cutting out refined sugar will not be a cure to airbrushed skin—but it’s certainly a step in the right direction once paired with proper serums or medication from your doctor.


Have you heard that chocolate has been proven to be as addictive as drugs?
Whether it be milk or dark chocolate—RED’s promise is of the highest quality.
Reducing your sugar intake is not easy. In fact, we can all agree that it’s one heck of a challenge to defeat a sweet tooth.  Make life easy for yourself. Eat more RED.
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