RED Delight Chocolate HSN Spotlight and RED Kitchen Kick-off

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Spontaneity—it’s what keeps us all on our toes and adds that perfect splash of interest to life. January 18, 2021, was planned to be an extraordinary Monday. RED was scheduled to be on the Home Shopping Network (HSN) later that afternoon, and the excitement was so thick you could almost cut it. All of us at RED were thrilled to have the opportunity to share our story on TV as well as through our Facebook Live event. We had the day planned down to the very last second, starting our morning in the Philadelphia kitchen at 6 AM with a technical check-in and concluding the day with celebratory dinner downtown. Well, plans are made to be altered. Right?

The sun was barely over the horizon when we discovered a Wi-Fi glitch, forcing the entire production and camera crew to move set locations. Drama! Scrambling! Mild panic! All this unfolding with barely enough coffee in our systems to auto-pilot through planned tasks, let alone help us navigate the problem.

Click—an idea! What better place to learn more about why RED chocolate is so unique than its CEO’s home? As quickly as we could, we broke down the set and headed outside city limits to take over Glenn Gardone’s kitchen. We couldn’t have asked for a better day. Funny how everything seems to work out as it should.

Although we lost some time and had to make adjustments to our schedule, we still captured great content that we can’t wait to finish editing and share with our RED fans. Right there, in Glenn Gardone’s very own kitchen, the delightful Chef George and his quirky assistant Dara brought a few of RED’s favorite recipes to life. One broken bowl and hours of jokes later, Glenn made a surprise visit (Ok, we were in his house but we didn’t think he would join our chocolatey kitchen adventures) to the RED Kitchen, where he helped George make an extra special and decadent RED sweet treat.

Before we knew it, it was time for the live HSN show. We reset the kitchen from our earlier cooking takes, got Glenn ready, and took some deep breathes. Countdown to showtime. Anticipation built as we waited for HSN to give us the signal that we were live. And, before we knew it, Glenn was talking about what makes RED chocolate so guiltlessly indulgent.

The segment was a huge success—we almost sold out of our Grab-n-go 24 count bar boxes in the 10-minutes we were on-air. Don’t worry; we sent more RED to HSN. If you’re an HSN fan, you can find RED on their site, but perhaps even more exciting is we’ve been invited to be part of future HSN spotlights. You can catch our next live segment on February 15, 2021.

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