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Hazelnut Pralines: Why RED’s is the Best

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Written by, Dara Wilson


Ah, hazelnut pralines, one of the most exciting and attractive chocolate candies to ever exist. If you’ve never had one before, well, you’re missing out big time. Think luxurious meets royalty. Like something, the Queen or a glamourous 1930’s movie star would snack on at lunchtime. Unfortunately, praline candy is full of added sugar and unwanted carbs.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a low-fat and low-carb praline just as decadent as the rest? Boy, do we have some news for you!?

RED hazelnut pralines: scrumptious praline chocolate with a rich nut filling and no added sugar.

“Whoa, whoa, I still don’t understand what a praline is!” says most people.

Oh right, whoops. Okay, let’s go on an educational ride to the chocolate world because how the Europeans define praline (that’s us! we’re European) is quite different from how most of us in the U.S. think of them.


Praline Chocolate Bar


What is a praline?

pra●line: /ˈprāˌlēn/ (noun)


  1. a sweet candy created by boiling nuts in sugar, (usually almonds and hazelnuts), then grinding the mixture to a praline paste; used as a filling for chocolates (i.e.: praline filling)
  2. a sweet mixture usually consisting of butter and corn syrup, (sometimes milk or cream), brown sugar, and pecans
  3. sugar coated nut; nut cluster dunked in chocolate
  4. nut caramel
  5. a way to achieve nirvana
  6. something if you don’t like, you’re clearly dead inside

Truffle chocolate is traditionally made with a chocolate ganache center (heated heavy cream mixed with melted chocolate), and coated in chocolate and other additions (cocoa powder, caramel, nuts, sprinkles, dried fruit). A chocolate truffle can have a praline filling (definition #1).

In short, a praline is a nut cluster coated in hardened sugar or chocolate and chocolate truffles can have a praline filling.


How is a Praline Made?

1Sugar, butter, and/or milk or cream is heated up in a saucepan.
2. Nuts are added to the mixture until combined.
3. With a scoop, the sugared nut clusters sit on a baking tray until completely cooled.

* After the nut clusters cool to room temperature, they can be dunked in melted chocolate and put back on a baking sheet until cooled again.


RED Hazelnut Praline Chocolate


A common nut used in pralines is pecans and hazelnuts. Hazelnuts are always a popular choice because of their rich, natural buttery flavor. Many people nowadays are realizing that processed sugar is the number one cause of unhealthy weight and diabetes, so they avoid corn syrup and added sugar altogether.

Finally, there is a chocolate company that created a mouthwatering, milk chocolate hazelnut praline with no added sugar. These diamond-shaped chocolate treats are made with RED chocolate. Not only is RED keto-friendly, non-GMO, kosher, and weight-watchers friendly, but compared to other chocolate brands, their bars and pralines have up to 40% fewer calories and 40% less fat. Made with natural sugars and real cocoa, RED hazelnut praline chocolate is the tops.

Plus, RED has also put their own spin on pralines. RED’s coconut pralines are an over-the-top decadent chocolate treat with a luxurious coconut filling. Yes, they are of course made with no sugar added chocolate with fewer fat and calories than other pralines. Oh don’t worry, they are bursting with rich chocolate flavor.

Move over cake and ice cream. Without a doubt, RED’s diamond hazelnut pralines are the cream of the crop. This spring, treat the ones you love to a beautiful red box of chocolate praline diamonds. Want easy recipe ideas? Check out recipes  RED blog for the latest recipes and other information about food and healthy eating.


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