Current Trends in Chocolate: Why RED is Ahead of the Game

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Written by, Dara Wilson


RED has been a part of the European chocolate industry for a decade. Low calorie and low fat, their decadent chocolates are gaining traction over contemporary trends in chocolate. Finally, RED is now a strong player in the United States’ chocolate confectionary market.


Trends have come and gone over the years, but the recent pandemic has shifted priorities. Get insights on the top two current chocolate industry trends and why RED chocolate meets these demands.


Chocolate Trends 2021


  1. Healthy

Now more than ever, people are insisting on eating healthier chocolate. Let’s face it, the world has come to terms with how amazing chocolate is, but that comes with a price. Any delicious chocolate, especially milk chocolate, is loaded with fat, sugar, and carbs.


People of varying ages and sizes are looking for low calorie, low fat chocolate bars. Most importantly, they are searching for the real taste of, yup, you guessed it, CHOCOLATE, of course!


According to Fortune Business Insights, the healthy chocolate trend will create massive opportunities for dark chocolate.


Are you diabetic? Are you on a weight loss journey? Maybe you’re trying to reduce your sugar content. Whatever it is, RED has it. No more bland and chalky sugar-free chocolate products or “chocolate-flavored” diet snacks. Bleh. Move over Sweet-n-Lo and Equal. In fact, natural sugars are where it’s at. Erythritol, the main sweetener in RED, is natural fruit sugars extracted from melons and grapes.


Along with high-quality cocoa from the Ivory Coast, RED has mastered the art of rich, delicious chocolate with fewer calories and fat, plus no added sugar.


  1. Sustainable

Worldwide, the public is becoming increasingly aware of the effects of endangered animal and insect species. Factories and farms for new products are regularly being built, leading to deforestation. Add the horrors of child labor and immoral working conditions, people now focus more on the quality of ingredients in their food.


Goods such as coffee or cocoa powder are expected to be ethically-sourced.


Luckily, RED chocolate doesn’t harm the planet or its people. RED is made from quality cocoa from Ivory Coast suppliers who own and operate their own farms. In addition, RED is made in a green-certified factory with Earth-friendly processes such as water-recycling and air purification. Learn more about RED’s history.


Trending Chocolate


Yes, the global chocolate world is finally bursting with healthier options. One trend report shows the North American chocolate confectionary market is on an uphill climb for growth. 

Actually, consumers can’t get enough of RED. Bloggers are buzzing around social media about

this decadent, no sugar added chocolate. Chocolate lovers are having exciting, new chocolate experiences and health benefits to boot.


Popular flavors like dark chocolate with orange and almond or milk chocolate with hazelnut and macadamia nut are only the beginning. Have you tried their pralines?

RED is continually trying to become better. We recently just revamped our recipe.


Find out if RED is at a store near you. If not, you can request it. The world needs more chocolate that cares about the world and who is on it.

Indulge in the exquisite blend of creamy Milk Chocolate with....
Indulge in the exquisite blend of smooth Milk Chocolate and....
Indulge in the exquisite blend of creamy Milk Chocolate with....
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