RED Chocolate at AAFES

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RED is closing out 2022 with even more to celebrate. Starting October 6th, 2022, you will be able to find RED chocolate at the AAFES (Army & Air Force Exchange Service). Any current serving or veteran military members and their families on base will be able to purchase RED delight chocolate bars.

This deliciously exciting offer is exclusive to Army and Air Force across the United States. Just in time for Halloween, RED chocolate is a simple way to satisfy your sweet tooth with no refined sugar added in.

RED Chocolate at AFFES Locations is a Huge Deal

RED has a lot to be proud of since its initial launch as a premier European-crafted, no-added-sugar chocolate sold in the U.S. We have paired with international humanitarian organizations to donate relief funds and domestic health organizations to bring awareness to disease and heart health. Our low-calorie chocolate brand debuted as one of the highest performing products on the Home Shopping Network (HSN) channel, almost selling out of stock in only ten minutes!

We are humbled by how far RED has come as a brand and lucky to be chosen by large corporations to sell our chocolate at their locations. RED delight chocolate is available to so many different people across the United States, especially our hard-working dedicated military. It is a huge honor for military families to now purchase RED.

In the upcoming year, we plan on continuing to grow. For example, we made our once-limited batch flavor, Blonde, a permanent fixture in stores and online. Look out for more retail locations in the upcoming months.

So, go grab some RED chocolate at AAFES and take a nice walk by yourself, with family, or friends with your tasty no-sugar-added snack. Hurry up before it’s all gone.

Without a doubt, RED has proven itself as the leading no-sugar-added chocolate by bloggers, fans, and news organizations. All RED delight chocolate bars are kosher, palm oil-free, gluten-free, Weight Watchers friendly, and non-GMO. You get full chocolate flavor and no added nonsense.

RED Chocolate and AAFES Make a Great Team

Both the AAFES and RED chocolate enjoy making delicious, health-conscious snacks available to military families. Now that RED is sold on base, the possibilities are endless. You can use RED in holiday desserts, special celebratory snacks, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Check out our RED recipe blog with ideas to crush, crumble, and melt RED into a variety of foods. Turn up the flavor while not adding refined sugar to your diet.



The AAFES works hard at improving the quality of life for service men and women and their families. Through special military pricing, goods and services are provided tax-free on base. Plus, AAFES is a key source of employment for military families.


About RED Chocolate

RED Chocolate has come over from Europe and is taking the U.S. by storm. RED Chocolate has also been featured on major outlets such as Life & Style, Spoon University, BuzzFeed, and many more. RED Chocolate is available in most major grocery chains, on Amazon, and their site.

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