Lipari Food Show

RED Showcased at Lipari’s Food Show in Celebration of 60 Years

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Lipari’s Food Show is back and it’s bigger than ever in Michigan! This past week, Lipari Foods celebrated their 60th anniversary with the largest food show in their history. There were over 5,500 committed customers, 1,700 unique retailers, and 2.35 million cases sold in just 8 hours. This year’s event was a major success, and RED Chocolate, our premium no added sugar chocolate brand that has quickly become a fan favorite in the United States, was one of the many exhibitors at the sho

Lipari's food show
Lipari's Food Show


RED Chocolate prides itself on creating high-quality chocolate that’s both delicious and guilt free. Our chocolate is made with the finest non-GMO ingredients, no cocoa oil substitutes, or preservatives. RED’s non-GMO milk comes from Germany, the almonds from California, the oranges from Spain, and the cocoa is sustainably sourced from the Ivory Coast to deliver the most refined, elegant flavor. We offer a variety of flavors including Dark Chocolate, Extra Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate with Orange and Almond, Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut and Macadamia, and Milk Chocolate Pralines with Smooth Nut and Coconut Filling.


Lipari's food show

If you attended Lipari’s Food Show and got to stop by our RED Chocolate booth, thank you for trying our amazing products! We know you were not disappointed. Our Marketing Director, Megan Bailey, and Business Development Director, Andrei Stepanienko, had a great time meeting everyone at the show and sharing RED’s story. They said their favorite part was getting to see people try RED Chocolate for the first time!


Weren’t in attendance at the show? No worries! RED Chocolate is available at retailers across the United States, so you can still enjoy our tasty treats wherever you are. From convenience stores to specialty retailers, you’re sure to find RED Chocolate at a location near you. Use the store locator to see the closest spot you can find RED!


In conclusion, RED Chocolate is a leading chocolate brand that’s excelling in the chocolate industry. Our commitment to only the highest of quality products and offering chocolate for people who strive to live healthy lifestyles makes us a brand worth supporting. Whether you attended Lipari’s Food Show or not, be sure to check out RED Chocolate and indulge in the delicious treats.

Congratulations on 60 great years, Lipari Foods!

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