Our Mission

To guiltlessly deliver perfectly sweet moments to those who strive to live an active, healthy lifestyle as well as to those who appreciate losing themselves within decadent moments.



Quality cocoa is at the heart of RED Chocolate. Our Ivory Coast suppliers own and operate their own cocoa farms, maintaining the highest standards during bean selection as well as throughout the roasting and grinding processes.


Our Promise

That each RED flavor is crafted with no added sugar, yet still delivering an indulgent experience with fewer calories and less fat than other chocolates. #AllPleasureNoGuilt

MEET The Red Family

The coolest team on the planet (besides our international family, of course)

Glenn Gardone


Sharon Taylor



Andrei Stepanienko


Megan E. Bailey



LEARN ABOUT The History of RED Chocolate

The Best Chocolate on the Planet

The only true no sugar added chocolate in the world with up to half of the calories.


RED Delight Chocolate was born from passion. We know a lot of candies claim that, but we really mean it.


We got our start in the early 2000s. Swiss-owned Chocolette Confectionary had a dream to revolutionize the chocolate industry by mastering a recipe that delivered the sweetness that chocolate-lovers crave without adding refined sugars. It’s a dream that sounds so simple, but in fact, this dream took many years, and many batches, to bring to life.

We spent years experimenting with different recipes and techniques to create the RED flavors people are falling in love with today. It was during these trials that we discovered it couldn’t be done without custom equipment which allows us to cook RED at a reduced temperature than other chocolates to release only the most elegant taste and aroma notes, whilst ensuring the final taste is delicately decadent.

Our Chocolatiers will tell you, “great chocolate can only be made in the best of facilities.” Which is exactly what was built for them. RED is crafted in a technologically-innovative, green-certified factory, holding ten global patents. And, our custom-made equipment was designed by leading German and Swiss manufacturers to ensure Earth-happy processes in water and air purification, water recycling, free cooling, and recuperation technologies. From this new kitchen designed to bring the RED recipe to its promised peek of indulgence, RED was introduced to the European market in 2006.

Without surprise, RED gained popularity quickly throughout western Europe.

Chocolette Confectionary then had a dream to bring its beloved chocolate to the States. In 2019, RED was introduced to the U.S.—and, we’re excited that here too, we’ve been winning the hearts of chocolate-lovers.

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