Blonde Chocolate—Caramelized White Chocolate with Nuts


Our Blonde Chocolate is crafted with some of the finest ingredients found throughout Europe including cacao butter from the Ivory Coast, and high-quality, non-GMO milk from Germany with no added hormones or antibodies. These ingredients are the basis of our famous RED recipe. Then, we blend in caramel and pieces of buttery hazelnuts without adding refined sugar—creating indulgent chocolate with fewer calories and less fat. You’ll experience sweet satisfaction without any of the guilt.

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REDiscover white chocolate. Introducing blonde chocolate. Truly a small batch with less than 500 total bars crafted and distributed worldwide, our caramel-swirled, no-sugar-added spin on this confectionary classic will leave you wishing we had made more.

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cocoa butter; maltitol; polydextrose; caramel powder (sweet whey, butter, skimmed milk, maltodextrin); erythritol; whole milk powder; hazelnut pieces; soy lecithin; PGPR; carrageenan; natural flavors. Contains milk, macadamia, soy.

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