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Chocolate Brand RED Chocolate to Appear on Home Shopping Network

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Chocolate Brand RED Chocolate to Appear on Home Shopping Network

January 18th, 2021


Exton, PA, For Immediate Release: Looking for an indulgent chocolate with zero guilt? Then don’t miss RED Chocolate on Home Shopping Network’s “Good Eating” this Monday, January 18th at 5:00 PM EST.

RED has all the guiltless indulgence of regular chocolate, but with up to 50% less calories and 30-40% less fat. Formulated by European Master Chocolatiers, RED offers three types of chocolate products to satisfy your cravings—full bars, grab-n-go, and pralines.

“RED Chocolate was developed in Europe in the early 2000s by Swiss-owned Chocolette Confectionary. They had a dream to revolutionize the chocolate industry by mastering a recipe that delivered the sweetness that chocolate-lovers crave without adding refined sugars. Many years later, we’re proud to have brought this revolutionary chocolate to the US,” says Glenn Gardone, President and CEO.

RED is different from other chocolate bars because it’s:

·      Keto-Friendly (dark chocolate flavors)

·      Weight Watchers Friendly

·      Up to 50% less calories than other dark chocolate brands

·      30-40% less fat than other chocolate brands

·      No added sugar – natural sweeteners from plants

·      Cocoa from the Ivory Coast of Africa, whose farmers select, roast and grind the cocoa beans to perfection

Glenn will be on the HSN show, describing what makes RED different from other chocolate on the market, sharing RED recipes, and offering a special HSN viewer price. To learn more about RED Chocolate tune in to the Home Shopping Network on Monday, January 18th at 5:00 PM EST.

For more information on the most delicious and healthy chocolate brand, RED chocolate, check out RED’s blog or tune into their Facebook page. Delicious chocolate recipes, health and wellness information, and much more awaits you.

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