leprechaun gold apples

Leprechaun Gold Apples

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Written by, Christine Chanel
Images by RED contest winner, Brenda White 

St. Patrick’s Day is on the way! These leprechaun gold apples will have the whole family on their feet, ready to find the end of the rainbow. This no-bake recipe is straight to the point. Nutritious, sweet yet, something to feel good about—not to mention it can double as an added activity for children. These are sure to be a hit at your St. Patrick’s Day shindig.

Leprechaun Gold Apples

The best part about them is that the toppings are so interchangeable. You can mix and match, swap things out and create your perfect combo. They can be sweet, salty, a little bit of both, or tart! Beware: they’re a sticky mess. (but, it’s totally worth it). For the adults—this chocolatey apple treat would perfectly pair with our Boozy Chocolate Mousse that happens to feature Irish Cream. Can you say festive?

What You Need:

(serving size 1)


    • 1 Grannysmith Apple, sliced into discs 1/4″ thick (seeds removed)
    • 1 shamrock-shaped cookie cutter 
    • 7 tablespoons almond butter/peanut butter/Nutella (your choice! or use all of them)
    • 1/2 cup RED Milk Chocolate
    • 4 tablespoons chopped salted roasted pistachios
    • 4 teaspoons honey
    • Golden raisins
    • Optional: Lucky Charms (marshmallows)
    • Get creative! Add sprinkles, fruit, granola. The possibilities are endless.




  1.  After removing the seeds from the sliced apple take the shamrock cookie cutter and gently press it into the apple. You should now have a shamrock!

  2. Have a helper spread your preferred butter onto each shamrock apple

  3. Sprinkle raisins, pistachios, marshmallows, and any other toppings you wish on top of apples.

  4. Transfer RED Milk Chocolate to a microwave-safe bowl. Heat for 30 seconds. Stir. Heat once more if needed.

  5. With a spoon, drizzle the melted chocolate across apples.

  6. Drizzle honey across apples.

Dig in and makes sure you have wet wipes on standby! 

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