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5 Ways To Burn 100 Calories At Home

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Written by, Christine Chanel

Did you know that everything you do burns calories? No thanks to COVID-19; many of us are without our favorite gyms, and there’s only so much you can take of the same workout video on YouTube, or a slightly modified workout on your favorite app. In comparison, some of us are struggling even to get moving at all—understandably. If that New Year’s Resolution is creeping up on you, it may be time to make a change. We’ve put together 5 ways to burn 100 calories at home.


5 ways to burn 100 calories in your home

Of course, not all movement or activity can be classified as exercise. Some moderate activities may not get your heart rate pumping, but periods of less-intense activity are still significant. You can burn up to 100 calories quickly and easily in the comfort of your own home (or close by) in just minutes. Not to mention, if you double up on activities, you will double up on burning. The most minimal everyday tasks can help you achieve burning up extra calories—while this may not count as a full day of exercise, it’s better than sitting on the couch! Burn, baby, burn!


1. Weed Away

Yard work is one of the best ways to burn some excess calories while also remaining enjoyable. Whether you have a green thumb or not—getting outside can be a healthy part of any routine. Just 20 minutes of mowing, 23 minutes of raking, 15 minutes of shoveling, and 18 minutes of weeding or gardening can all burn off 100 calories, all while feeding you some much-needed Vitamin D.


2. Take A Stroll

While adventuring on a long mountainous hike is an excellent form of exercise, sometimes it just doesn’t fit your schedule, or maybe the great outdoors is unaccessible. So what? Take a stroll around the block! Taking a short walk of just 20 minutes can quickly burn off 100 calories in no time if you keep your pace at around 3mph. Put on your headphones and your favorite song or podcast (safely, of course), and get to walkin’. The fresh air will do you some good while burning off your afternoon snack.


3. cleaning 

Sigh—not the most fun. But, remember this: every time you mop those floors for at least 20 minutes, you’ve just burned off 100 calories! Now tack on vacuuming, wiping, scrubbing, and doing those huge loads of laundry, and you’ve got yourself a little workout routine. The average time it takes to clean a home is about three hours, so you do the math. You’ll be looking fresh and feeling fresh!


4. Switcheroo

After you’ve finished cleaning, you likely take a look around your home, and now you’re feeling, well, bored of the space. Something is missing. Instead of rushing out to Target to spend unnecessary money, consider that maybe your space needs a new layout! Swapping furniture, playing with angles and positions will leave you with a newly refreshed room, all while releasing your creative juices. Oh yeah, and you can burn 100 calories per 15 minutes.


5. Home-cooked dinner

Sometimes cooking is the last thing we want to do after a long day of work or chores but put down the phone and forget take-out. A mere 35 minutes of prep work in the kitchen will leave you 100 calories lighterWho would have thought you could burn calories by cooking? Chopping and peeling veggies, whisking, and lifting heavy pots and pans can all contribute to this moderate activity. Don’t forget about all the nutritional benefits of preparing your own meals compared to ordering out or popping a tv-dinner in the oven. 

In conclusion, many moderate activities can keep you on your feet while burning off extra calories during your day-to-day lifestyle. If you can think of it—you can do it! 

It is essential to reward yourself with a delightful treat that will leave you feeling good about your accomplishments (you won’t have to roll your eyes at the nutritional label)

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Burn 100 calories at home. Afterwards, treat yourself indulgently. 

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